Batman: The Enemy Within – season finale trailer

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Telltale Games, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released a retrospective trailer for the entire season of the series Batman: The Enemy Withinbefore the final episode “Same Stitch”, expected at the end of the month on consoles, PC and mobile devices. At the end of this final episode, Telltale Games promises we’ll be able to experience it two different endingsdepending on the choices made during the entire season.

Batman: The Enemy Within has Bruce Wayne/Batman facing new threats, of which there is no shortage The Riddler or Joker. Also, with the arrival in Gotham of an unscrupulous federal agent, Batman must carefully choose his allies to get out of this new crisis situation.

The story of Batman: The Enemy Within was designed to be access and those who didn’t get to play the first season, but keeping the option to take over the choices made by the players who did.

The final episode of Batman: The Enemy Withintitled “Same Stitch”will debut on March 27, 2018, for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS and Android. It is also available a disk version of the series Batman: The Enemy Within, which gives access to all five episodes of the season.

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