Far Cry 5, available now

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Ubisoft has confirmed the game’s immediate availability Far cry 5, present starting today in the offers of profile stores in Romania (or through digital distribution services). On this occasion, it was also launched a final trailer for Far Cry 5, which you can watch below.

In Far Cry 5, players step into the shoes of the new employee deputy sheriff from Hope County, in an attempt to free the Montana land from the threat of the cult of religious fanatics Project at Eden’s Gate. The central character joins the Resistance created by some locals, having at his disposal a lot of weapons, such as guns, automatic rifles, grenades, HAMMERS or baseball batsbut also the possibility to drive vehicles such as Atv, boats, Truckingtype cars muscle cars or even aircraftwith the help of which one can venture into genuine dogfights against the cultists.

To make their mission easier, players can hire “Guns for Hire”mercenaries who will fight alongside them, or even “Fangs for Hire”, allied animals such as bears or cougars, as in Far Cry Primal. The game brings back to the fore map editor (Far Cry Arcade)with which you can create your own single or multiplayer adventures.

Far cry 5 is available now in versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with prices starting at 269.90 lei for the physical versions of consoles and €59.99 for PC digital editions.

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