Valve acquires independent studio Campo Santo

Fresh Video Game News 2022

Campo Santothe independent studio responsible for the hit game Firewatchannounced through his own blog that he accepted the proposal to be purchased by Valve Corporationthe colossus behind the series Half-Life and the digital distribution system Steam.

Thus, those 12 members of the Campo Santo studio will go under the wing of Valve, to continue the development of their new project: In The Valley of Gods. We will deal with a new first-person adventurethe action to be placed, this time, in Egypt in the 1920s. Players will have the opportunity to step into the shoes of a disgraced explorer and filmmaker, who, together with an old friend, sets off on a mission to Egypt to try to regain her former glory.

Also, with this acquisition, Valve will continue to support Firewatchfollowing, most likely, to manage the launch of this game for Nintendo Switch.

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