Stormdivers, officially announced

Fresh Video Game News 2022

Housemarquethe studio behind some of the best-made arcade games of recent years (I agree, Materfall or Nex Machina being just a few examples), he announced Stormdiversa new title that will try to combine the intense gameplay characteristic of the company’s creations with an approach focused especially on multiplayer.

Stormdivers will be Housemarque’s first game developed as a long service, which will receive updates and support for a long time. The producers also promise that fans will have the opportunity to play Stormdivers before the actual release (probably via a build Early Access) and will be able to contribute their own feedback to the process of making the game.

For Stormdivers, Housemarque once again turned to the graphics engine Unreal Engine 4 (the company’s second game made using this technology, after Materfall), enhanced with the special effects set Housemarque VFX Enginemade in-house by the Finnish studio.

No other details have yet been provided about a possible launch period or the platforms on which it will appear Stormdivers.


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