Detroit: Become Human – here’s the TV commercial

Fresh Video Game News 2022

Sony Interactive Entertainment presented the commercial that will be used for TV promotion of the game Detroit: Become Humanthe latest title from French studio Quantic Dream.

Detroit: Become Human it was originally presented as a continuation of the story android Kara, started in a technology demo revealed in 2012. Kara is an artificial being, an android, that acquires feelings, in a world that has embraced the concept of humanoid robots. He returns to the role of Kara Value Curry, the actress who gave life to the heroine in the initial demo. In addition to Kara, Detroit will have two more playable characters: Connor (Bryan Dechart), an android programmed to negotiate with criminals and terrorists, and Marcus (performed by Jesse Williams), the leader of a rebel group of androids. Famous actors will be part of the cast of the game Lance Henriksen (Aliens, Millennium) and Clancy Brown (Warcraft: The Beginning, God of War III and Mass Effect: Andromeda).

Detroit: Become Human will make an appearance on May 25, 2018exclusively for PlayStation 4. A free demo version to download now from the PlayStation Store.

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