Commandos series, acquired by Kalypso Media

Fresh Video Game News 2022

Kalypso Media Group announced the acquisition of intellectual properties related to some of the Spanish studio’s games Pyro Studios. The most important name on this list is undoubtedly that of the series COMMANDKalypso Media acquiring not only the rights to develop new Commandos products, but also the distribution rights to all existing titles in this series: Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Commandos: Beyond The Call of Duty, Commandos 2: Men of Courage, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin and Commandos: Strike Force.

In addition to the Commandos series, Kalypso Media also acquired the intellectual properties from Pyro Studios Imperial Glory and Praetorians. Kalypso Media, a publisher specialized in the field of strategy games, declared itself particularly pleased with this acquisition, which, according to the company’s representatives, will not only allow it to develop new games based on these franchiseswhich will be available on all platforms, but also to adapt already existing titles to current technologies and platforms (Commandos Remastered, maybe?).

series COMMAND debuted in 1998 and, along with the titles Myth of the Bungie studio, laid the foundations for a new branch of strategy games: real-time tactics (real time tactics or RTT for short). Commandos games are still available via Steam and GOGhowever, given Kalypso Media’s takeover of the IP, we dare you to wait for the inevitable remastered editions before purchasing.

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