Steam discounts lead to nervous fans

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Price reductionsespecially those related to the promotional periods on Steam, have always been welcomed with open arms by gamers, happy to be able to get their hands on the games they want for significantly less money. But how would you react if a game that has only been released for a month is already available at a reduced price?

Well, fans of the series were faced with this situation tomb raiderwhose recent title Shadow of the Tomb Raider, just a month after its appearance on the market, is already available at a price reduced by more than 30%. And not just in the case of the standard edition of the game (which benefits from a price reduced by 34%being available at €39.59 instead of the classic €59.99), Croft edition (which includes Season Passwith all future DLCs) can now be purchased on Steam at a reduced price of no less than 47%: €58.78 instead of €109.96 (so even less than the cost of the standard edition at the time of release).

Obviously, the reaction of the fans who were “fooled”, buying the game at the original price, was not pleasant at all, choosing to boycott Shadow of The Tomb Raider through the reviews left on Steam. Thus, in recent days, most of the reviews appearing on Steam from users agree negative ratings game, citing as the main reason for this verdict the mockery with which the publisher and producers treat the so-called “early adopters”who purchased the game at full price without being informed that such a substantial price reduction was to be applied so soon.

Applying such price cuts so soon after release is never a good sign for such a game, betraying sales far below expectations of it from the initial period. by the way Shadow of the Tomb Raider it benefited from significant competition in the month of release, with the game making its appearance a week later Spider-Man (which enjoyed significant commercial success), in an already very busy period. The sheer quality of Lara Croft’s latest adventure didn’t help either, with more details on this aspect of the game available in our review.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is available now in versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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