Find out how much money you’ve spent on Steam

Fresh Video Game News 2022

Steam has become a mandatory presence on the computer of any passionate gamer, and continues to be the most popular digital distribution system when it comes to PC games. Add to this equation the times promotional periodsbut also the fact that many of the retail versions for PC of important games “activate” through Steam and you get the image of an application that, at least in this field, you cannot do without.

And yet, what separates casual users of this service, who turn on Steam just for a relaxing game of Counter-Strike, from veterans with accounts on which hundreds of titles are registered? Amount spent on games offered through Steamof course. Or, in the case of fans of Free-to-play titles, money invested in microtransactions, loot boxes, virtual cards, etc. Well, now Valve allows you to check exactly how much money you have invested in your Steam account.

All you have to do is access this link: in using your Steam account (if you have Steam Guard enabled you may need to go through an extra layer of security) and proudly admire your total amount spent on games, DLCs and microtransactions (displayed in US dollars). And, obviously, mentally prepare yourself for the next period of discounts on Steam…

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