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This year’s edition of the BlizzCon convention debuted with a gratifying announcement: until November 18, 2018the game Destiny 2 can be downloaded for free via the app (this being permanently attached to the user account), being offered as a right gift for all PC gamers who do not own it yet. The promotion is available both to existing users and to those who create a new account. Go to and follow the instructions to activate the game.

It’s not the first time that those from Activision Blizzard are very generous in this regard Destiny 2. Two months ago, the game was offered for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers on the PlayStation 4 platform in an attempt to promote the newest expansion: Forsaken. Also, recently, Bungie announced that all those who purchase Forsaken will receive free access to the previous two similar packages: Curse of Osiris and Warmind. Despite the apparent goodwill, these movements betray the fact that Destiny 2 is not enjoying the commercial success that the publisher was hoping forthe producers trying to recover the money invested with the aid microtransactions from the game.

If you already own the PC version of Destiny 2 and can’t take advantage of this promotion, you will an exclusive in-game emblem during the month of December, when the game will celebrate a year of existence on the service of Blizzard Entertainment. Also, new owners of Destiny 2 will be able to try out the new game mode Gambit (included in the Forsaken expansion) ina free play sessionin the interval 9 – 11 November 2018.

Destiny 2 and its expansions are now available in digital versions for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (exclusively via

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