The first official Titanfall trailer for Xbox One leaves you speechless [VIDEO]

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One of the important games that Microsoft has “on the pipe” for Xbox One is Titanfall, and the graphics are certainly impressive, you can see from this first official Titanfall trailer.

Microsoft has benefited greatly from the Halo franchise through various iterations for PC and various consoles. Although we will see a new Halo for Xbox One, the new console of the Redmond giant revolves around another shooter meant to start making waves in the specialized press starting next week when it will be launched. This is Titanfall.

The new title will be available almost simultaneously on Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC starting March 11th. Basically, it will be limited to the Windows platform and Microsoft consoles, which is why the American company has already invested significant amounts of money in its promotion. It remains to be seen whether the intense marketing of Titanfall will be reflected in sales.

On the PC, the new game will occupy a fabulous value of 48 GB for installation, and if you buy it online in the digital version it will be reflected in a 21 GB download. Although the discrepancy is difficult to understand, Xbox One users will only have to lose 20 GB to install this title.

In recent years, I’ve started to get more and more excited about the graphics in the games, but this official Titanfall trailer below, consisting exclusively of in-game rendered sequences, still seems at least impressive.

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