Confirmed: Titanfall looks much worse on Xbox One than on PC [VIDEO]

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Although a next-gen console, such as the Xbox One, should leave us speechless with the graphics in the games, Titanfall on the Xbox One confirms the opposite.

Microsoft has relied heavily on Titanfall on Xbox One, this is one of the reasons why an FPS distributed by EA Games is dedicated exclusively to Xbox 360 and Xbox One PCs and consoles. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look nearly as good at all, especially when it comes to the Redmond giant’s next-gen console and classic PCs.

About a week after the official launch of Titanfall, side-by-side comparison videos with Xbox One and PC graphics have already started appearing on the Internet.. Even if I did not expect this outcome, it is very obvious that the new console of the American company invites you to a major compromise, at least in terms of performance in this game. With its lower resolution, 1408 x 792 and lower anti-aliasing level, Xbox One has a handicap even compared to a mainstream desktop with an AMD FX six core processor and an NVIDIA GTX 760 GPU. is that there are several times on the console when we see less than 60 frames per second displayed on the screen, a very obvious situation due to the phenomenon of “tearing” (tearing the image on the entire horizontal of the TV).

Following the test performed by Eurogamer, the creators of the video below, one thing is for sure. The missing Titanfall details on Xbox One do not greatly affect the gaming experience offered by the console, but rather highlight that a next-gen title can only be played on PC at the maximum level of detail created by the developer.

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