You can now play Battlefield Hardline beta for free on PC

Fresh Video Game News 2022

Each of you can play Battlefield Hardline in beta today, thanks to a campaign started by EA Games.

For about a week, a closed beta has been released for the next game in the Battlefield series from EA Games. It’s about Hardline. Because the campaign probably ended successfully, EA officials have just launched an open beta dedicated to all those who want to see what the new FPS eats. Access is instant for anyone who wants to participate. All you have to do is go to the Battlefield Beta website and follow a few steps.

Because beta versions of games often include some pretty aggressive bugs and almost always come with serious stability issues, EA wants to motivate you to sign up for a few benefits. Among other things, you’ll get a few extra camouflage options for in-game weapons, a special climb that you can attach, additional in-game content when the final version of Batllefield Hardline is released, and last but not least, a special tag for dogs that will be available next month.

The official release date for the new Battlefield is October 21, but the beta is very likely to keep you busy until then through challenges that will be updated over time. At present, there are only two such goals to be achieved. One is to reach your 10th level of experience with your character, and the other is to share your gaming experience on Facebook, in which context you will benefit from $ 1000 virtual money that you can use for in-game purchases.

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