Titanfall has so far sold only 925,000 physical copies

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Titanfall was released two months ago for PC and Xbox One and Xbox 360, the latter receiving the game a little later.

Titanfall has received rave reviews from gamers around the world, proving its success. The developer of the game, EA Games, announced today that Titanfall has sold no less than 925,000 retail copies so far. This was confirmed by the company’s COO, Peter Moore, who mentioned that the figures are only for the retail versions, those on DVDs.

The number does not seem to be very high for a game, but when you add the number of digital copies sold through Steam, as well as the Xbox 360, the total figure could be much higher. EA has probably far exceeded its target in the last two months, given that quite a few games receive such public attention, one of which is the Need For Speed ​​franchise, which has the advantage of being known since 10 years ago.

Our goal is to keep the Titanfall series as fresh and interesting as possible, as we have done so far with the FIFA Ultimate Team, other games in the series that involve sports or with Battlefield. We look forward to working with you on this franchise as well. ” said Peter Mooer, COO of EA Games.

EA also announced that they have renewed their partnership with Respawn, with whom they developed Titanfall, but did not announce a new title for this series. We can be pretty sure that in two years we will see a new Titanfall, hopefully as good as the first one.

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