The New Order gets a gameplay trailer

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Starting May 20, gamers will be able to play his role Blazkowicz in Wolfenstein: The New Order, against the Nazis of course.

This is the latest version of the game and we can be pretty sure that it differs quite a bit from the last version released a long time ago. In fact, the game has changed so much that players now have the opportunity to complete missions in several ways. In an attempt to provide insight into these game modes, Bethesda has released a gameplay trailer, in which the player can complete the mission in stealth mode or unleash himself completely. The first option requires players to kill their enemies without paying as much attention to them as possible.

If not too obvious, mayhem mode requires the player to complete missions in the most barbaric manner possible. The release of the video coincides with the desire of the producer to create anticipation about this title, as much as possible.

Those of you who haven’t pre-ordered yet find out that there are a number of purchase bonuses, bonuses that include items for Team Fortress 2, and access to the future DOOM in beta. Bonuses are only available on pre-order on Steam, not from other places or online stores that already mention it.

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