The first patch for Watch Dogs is detailed

Fresh Video Game News 2022

Watch Dogs, the title that has managed to do very well since its launch, by selling 4 million children in the first week, is already waiting for an update.

Watch Dogs it is not a complete game, and although it has been very popular with the public, many have complained about many elements of the game. Ubisoft has already revealed a number of details about the first patch that will be available in a few days for Watch Dogs. The updates detailed in this patch apply to PCs, although the same changes are likely to be available for the console version.

This update will resolve the in-game save issue, the situation in which the weapons are no longer loaded, and certain elements that had a negative effect on the multiplayer experience. Apart from that, other problems will be solved such as those with SLI systems, and the gameplay will be more fluid from a graphical point of view, on all graphics cards on the market.

The version of the game will also be noted in the menu and it will take some time until this major update, but also the next minor updates will manage to solve the problems, which really negatively affect the gaming experience.

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