Pixeltrek or how you can spend your time on the USS Enterprise

Fresh Video Game News 2022

Did you finish your college exams? Or maybe you’re on vacation and you’re bored. If you’re a big fan of the Star Trek series, Pixeltrek is a game that will take up quite a bit of your free time.

Pixeltrek may be the definition of a lost day, just as games have done so far Flappy Bird or 2048. In contrast, his difficulty Pixeltrek the game is much smaller, in fact, the game is limited to exploring a virtual world, represented by the USS Enterprise spacecraft, and all its several hundred cameras. The player is able to explore these hundreds of rooms from the perspective of Lieutenant Commanding Data, and all you need to play them are the WASD and leisure keys.

So be prepared to spend countless hours walking around the ship Enterprise and looking into every corner of it. The game has no sound, so it’s perfect for those who are “bored” at the office. It is surprisingly detailed, even if it uses the graphics of the 2000s, with decorative elements that we find in the movies in this series, and with a main control deck, extremely detailed. Currently, it is available for the web interface and does not work on the smartphone, because it is designed in Flash.

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