Microsoft wants to revitalize the strategy game franchise

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Microsoft has a number of very popular games that have not been heard of lately, even in recent years.

Among the titles released by Microsoft we can mention the Halo series, Age of Empires, Rise Of Nations, Halo Wars and many more on this list. Age Of Empires I remember with nostalgia that I was a big time consumer in my youth.

However, it seems that Microsoft is going to revitalize some of them, which is confirmed by the fact that it is looking for programmers for strategy games. However, the job description does not specify which franchise it is or whether it is about launching a completely new one. However, this announcement does not come as a big surprise, the company’s strategy having in a rather important place the gaming segment.

Many speculate that this is the Age Of Empires, one of the most popular strategy games, especially since its online version is expected to close sometime later this year. Halo Wars is also a possibility, although I don’t think we can talk about a well-known game, only if we talk about the Halo series as a whole.

Microsoft’s presentation at E3, which will take place on June 9, 2014, will likely provide more information. Which Microsoft games did you like the most?

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