How do you finish the new Metal Gear Solid V in just 10 minutes? [VIDEO]

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Even if it seems to me a rather sad revelation regarding a not at all cheap game, it seems that Metal Gear Solid V can be finished in… 10 minutes!

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is the newest title in a very popular franchise for stealth shooter enthusiasts. Unfortunately, even before it was officially launched, there were several reports on the internet confirming the duration of about two hours for the entire campaign. At the time, although many expected the game’s maker to dispel those rumors, he only insisted on a high degree of gameplay again.

The most interesting part of this story appeared yesterday, a few days after the official launch of the game, when it ended up in the hands of several passionate gamers. Among the latter, the Eurogamer team achieved the performance of finishing the campaign in the new Metal Gear Solid in just 10 minutes. Because it seems hard to believe, the clip below illustrates in detail every aspect of the 10-minute adventure in Metal Gear Solid V. Therefore, if you are not among those who want to experience the story of the game on their own skin, be the most affordable alternative.

As a small detail opposite Ground Zeroes, the same producer of the game classified it as in fact a prequel or predecessor for Metal Gear Solid – The Phantom Pain. That series title will appear in 2015, and if we were to believe Hideo Kojima, it would be about 200 times more complex than the game that is the subject of this article, Metal Gear Solid V.

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