Diablo 3’s official auction house has been closed

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An important component of the Diablo 3 universe, the auction house has been closed by Blizzard since yesterday, March 18.

It has been announced for almost half a year that Diablo 3 will no longer include the auction house function starting in the middle of this month.

“It has become increasingly clear that despite the benefits of the Auction House system and those who use it, it is undermining the fundamental principle of Diablo’s gameplay: kill monsters to get cool stuff.”

Although it generated a huge profit for the creators of the series, several Blizzard officials behind the project agreed that this very profitable component negatively influenced the gaming experience. People had come to play this game exclusively to get items to sell in the Auction House for real money. Too few were playing Diablo for the sake of adventure.

As of yesterday, the Auction House still exists online, but you can no longer add products, buy or bid various values.

Until June 26, online auction holders have time to complete their transactions or, at worst, take them out of the auction house. From the end of June, those who still have items left in this section of the game, along with real or virtual money, will lose them forever.

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