Call Of Duty: Ghosts Gold Edition is the edition you need

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If you’ve been waiting so far to experience the new CoD game, you can purchase Call Of Duty: Ghosts Gold Edition.

Call Of Duty is an incredibly popular franchise for the publisher of the series and, to a lesser extent, for the developer. For this reason, every game, released almost every year, sells like hot cakes from the first week after launch. In addition, to keep players interested, DLCs, content packs with new maps, new missions, weapons, or even completely reinvented game modes are released every few months.

If you’ve ever resisted the temptation to play CoD Ghosts, Call Of Duty: Ghosts Gold Edition has arrived in virtual stores on PC, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4 in recent days.. This iteration of the game will include all the DLCs released so far, individual packages that have been titled together Onslaught. Those who made the jump to the Gold Edition will also benefit from four new maps, some weapons, as well as a wolf skin for the dog in the game that you have as a hunting partner. The game in this version will involve a download of 40.77 GB.

On March 28-30, this month, the original Call of Duty: Ghosts game will be available for purchase at a substantial 33% discount from the Xbox Live Store.

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