Where the Nintendo DS and 3DS games end

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Here come the Nintendo DS and 3DS games to spend the last days of their lives, at least until someone comes and digs them up.

We know that history is repeating itself and, not long ago, a series of Atari 2600 Gamesburied and forgotten. Nintendo DS and 3DS currently have a fairly large library of games, of which a lot of titles certainly do not receive the desired attention and the manufacturer needs to get rid of them somehow.

Recycling is by far the best solution, and what you see in the image above comes from the user Reddit, HXCut, which pays its bills by working at the recycling plant. In the box are about half a ton of games for Nintendo DS and 3DS, which are to be recruited after being disassembled by electrical components. Most of these cartridges come with iCarly 2: iJoin the Click.

So it seems that iCarly2, a game that probably hasn’t sold in too many copies, is the one that will be found in a long time, when Nintendo will disappear and a bunch of gamers will go in search of the hidden treasures of of the past.

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