The Sony PlayStation 4 collection model arrives in Romania. How much does it cost and where do you find it

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Sony is celebrating 20 years of PlayStation with a special model. There are only 12,300 units available worldwide (launch date: December 3, 1994) and 13 of them reach Romania. Here’s where you can buy it.

Media Galaxy launches on Monday, December 22, at 18.00, the limited edition Sony PS4 in the Orhideea store in Bucharest. Only 13 units will be available at the official price of 2,220 lei with VAT. On December 3, 1994, Sony Computer Entertainment released the first PlayStation console. This one has been appreciated for its innovative built-in technology, such as the ability to process high-resolution 3D graphics in real time, but also for its impressive gaming portfolio.

The special package contains, in addition to the Sony PlayStation 4 anniversary console, a wireless controller (DUALSHOCK 4), a PlayStation Camera, a vertical stand and a mono headset, all in the color “Original Gray”, inspired by the first PlayStation console. Moreover, each birthday console has a small plaque in the lower right corner, which indicates the model number from 1 to 12,300. All components, including the vertical stand, are sold in a special package: a box with a simple and elegant design. It is wrapped in a white cover and printed in the center with the PlayStation 20th Anniversary logo.

sony ps4 2nd anniversary edition

PlayStation has also become the first home user console to exceed 100 million units delivered globally. In Romania, cthe 13 consoles will only be available for purchase in the Galaxy Orchid Media Store, by drawing lots during the launch event. The rules of participation can be consulted on the store’s website here.

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