The Diablo 3 auction house will be completely gone from tomorrow

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The Diablo 3 auction house has long been a source of controversy among gamers and even independent game developers.

Some gamers thought it was beneficial, adding a new dimension to Diablo 3, while others didn’t think it made sense to own an equipment farm if others could do it for you and you could then buy the items they discovered. .

No matter what camp you’ve been in so far, Blizzard has decided to close this auction house. It stopped all transactions in March of this year, but Blizzard has since reminded gamers that they still have until June 24 to claim their products. So if you have gold, cash, or other items that are active in your Diablo 3 auction house account, you’ll have to claim them within 24 hours, or they’ll be gone forever.

After June 24, everything that remains in the Diablo 3 auction house will be kept in the memory of those who had a controversial discussion on this topic, but nothing can be used in the game. With Reaper Of Souls, Blizzard has introduced a new feature called Loot 2.0. This ensures that the products discovered by the players match the class of the character they are using and do not represent items of no value to them, no need to change them or sell them to other users.

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