Legend Of Zelda could receive multiplayer capabilities

Fresh Video Game News 2022

Legend Of Zelda title producer Eiji Aonuma believes that one of the future variants of the game will come with multiplayer capabilities, a feature that many fans of the game will surely appreciate.

More exactly, Legend Of Zelda has a new version set to hit the market, called Hyrule Warriors, and is intended to be a crossover with Dunasty Warriors that allows two players to venture together to complete certain levels. Hyrule Warriors raises the question of whether there will be a full multiplayer mode in the next official Legend Of Zelda release.

“I used to talk about Legend Of Zelda, and about turning it into something more than a single-player experience. This will probably be a feature you will see in the future, probably next year. ” mentioned Aonuma.

The release of Legend Of Zelda Wii U is scheduled for next year, which is by far the strongest indication that the game will come with multiplayer capabilities. However, until there is an official statement on this subject, we will treat this information as a rumor, one that will not be confirmed too soon, which is true.

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