Lay’s, the first snacks to arrive in Metaverse: what you can do in the CineLay’s universe [P]

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The popularity of the metaverse is growing day by day, in every corner of the globe, and important companies in the Mioritic lands are doing their best to ensure their presence in the virtual universe, led by Lay’s.

If you have an affinity for multiplayer video games in which users create their own virtual worlds, you will be excited to know that Lay’s has just become the first snack manufacturer in Romania present in this universe. However, the company did not limit itself to offering its chips in digital format, but integrated them into a virtual world created from scratch as a source of entertainment for metavers enthusiasts.

CineLays, the virtual world of cinematic experiences with friends

CineLay’s was launched in metavers on April 4th, and if you make the effort to experience this virtual corner by April 27th, Lay’s offers you a fascinating experience along with the opportunity to win a number of attractive prizes.

The idea behind this project is to carry on, in metavers, a connection that many of us know between Lay’s snacks and movie nights with friends. The difference is that in addition to the bags of chips that you buy from the supermarket, you can now enjoy them in digital format. You can purchase them in a virtual form from a multiplayer video game in which users create their own virtual worlds.

This marketing effort by Lay’s is a continuation of other innovative initiatives that the snack maker has shown in the past. As a reference, in 2021 Lay’s was also the first Romanian brand behind an NFT, within the humanitarian campaign “Open Lay’s. Give smiles! ”

Now, the same fascination for new technologies from the Lay’s team, but also from consumers, has been transposed into metavers, an unexplored territory at full capacity in Mioritic lands.

How to win with Lays in metavers

Lay’s has placed several vending machines full of Lay’s chip bags in its CineLay’s virtual world. After logging in to the platform and creating an avatar, users can purchase Lay’s bags from vending machines with virtual coins. The latter are also obtained in the virtual world of the company. For reference, a bag of Lay’s is the equivalent of 6 gold coins.

After purchasing at least 5 bags of Lay’s, users enter the draw for a sweatshirt from the exclusive Lay’s by mysimplicated collection. The winner will be announced publicly at the end of the campaign, on April 28, on a festive table inside the virtual world.

Lay's metaverse

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