If you’re bored of Christmas, these are just six good games to try

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If you are one of those people who got bored at family lunch, visiting relatives or just have nothing to do, we have a list of six games to try today. They are for Android and iOS and are free.

This year was full of games, from the massive ones like Assassin’s Creed: Unity to the smallest ones that didn’t seem to have a chance to assert themselves like Flappy Bird. Certainly there are many that you have not tried, and if today you want to fill your time with something fun, here are six games to use if you have Android or iOS device.

Monster Strike It’s a game where you control monsters that fight for you so that you can become their master and advance level by level. It can also be played in multiplayer and then you can combine the strength of a monster with that of a friend to execute a Bump Combo. The game is free, although it has in-app purchases, and new characters are constantly added. It’s in the Android Play Store here and in the iPhone App Store here.

monster strike

SimCity it’s a classic among games, and the version BUILD it is ready to satisfy your desire for virtual social development. It has very good graphics, the city is waiting for you to build it and then keep your citizens happy and you can make alliances with friends and other cities to increase your power. You can, if you care about such details, unlock buildings like Big Ben in the UK or the Arc de Triomphe in France. It’s in the Play Store here and in the App Store here.

simcity buildit

Because I was talking about Flappy Bird in the beginning, the third recommendation is Swing Copters. Unlike the first hit, this game takes place vertically and you have more obstacles than in the one with the bird. The creator is the same, the dependency created can be the same, and the gameplay is just as simple: with one touch on the screen you change direction, and with four medals collected you can unlock new characters. It’s in the Play Store here and in the App Store here.

swing copters

With a slightly different gameplay, Despicable Me: Minion Rush introduces you to the world of minions and you must fulfill their objectives. You have to avoid obstacles, collect bananas and advance level by level. You will have all sorts of rivals along the way, even a Mega Minion, and you can fly on the back of a Fluffy Unicorn. If you like minions or games like this (it’s also decorated for the holiday), it’s worth a try. It’s in the Play Store here and in the App Store here.

despicable me minion rush

One of the most popular mobile games was Dumb Ways to Die. Well, it’s back with the second version and now it’s called Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games. You’re at the Olympics, and all you have to do is not die. There will be all sorts of stupid ways to die in your path, but the goal is to keep their purpose. In this game you have practically 28 other mini-games during which you have to stay alive and collect points. It’s here in the Play Store and here in the App Store.

dumb ways to die games

The last game is a classic and maybe the one that annoyed or made you happy this year. It’s about Candy crush saga which you may have come across on Facebook, especially. All you have to do, beyond the idea of ​​adventure, fairytale scenery and more, is to combine several candies in the same way to destroy them. That’s how you score points and that’s how you advance. The idea is old, but the success of Candy Crush Saga was recorded in 2014 and is the one through which the King studio became a star among the video game creators. It’s in the Play Store here and in the App Store here.

candy crush saga

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