Flappy Bird has just become more serious: You play for money and compete with other people

Fresh Video Game News 2022

If it seemed to you that Flappy Bird could no longer evolve in any way, your assumption had just been turned upside down. Now you can have an arcade console with the famous game of 2014.

Bay Tek Games has released a “physical” version of Flappy Bird, and all you need is money and nerves to succeed. On a 42-inch screen you see where the bird is flying and you have a red button that you press and it rises. The button takes the place of goathaving no touch screen here, writes Engadget.

The game is just as hard to control, but the downside is that it costs you money now. Of course, players can compete for the best score of the day and all time, but by the time you get there, you might lose some money for fun. The console weighs almost 136 kilograms, so it will be quite difficult to hit the wall if you lose.

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