Apotheon makes you the savior of mankind in ancient Greece [VIDEO]

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If you are tired of the big game studios and you think that all their products are the same, then Apotheon will be a title that will attract your attention. It is produced by an independent studio and will be released on Sony PlayStation 4 and PC.

Apotheon is the creation of the independent studio Alientrap Games and first of all you will be conquered by graphics. If you’ve played Hercules or Mario, you’ll find yourself at home in the Apotheon. From a two-dimensional perspective, you are transposing into an ancient Greece in which you must make your way to victory, that is, postponing the end of the world, using weapons and the protection of a shield.

The main character, if you manage to carry him to the end, will become the savior of mankind. Until then, he is armed with a shield, like any good warrior of that time, has a sword and a spear, and must pass through the realm of the dead to Mount Olympus. There, he has to face (and possibly defeat) the wrath of the gods. He will finally have to save mankind, gaining the power to allow him total control over the elements of nature.

If so far you find Apotheon interesting enough, then you should know that it will be released tomorrow, February 3, 2015, for Sony PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs. The game will cost $ 15 and will be available on Steam. Those who have a PlayStation Plus subscription will receive the free game.

The game was developed over four years, and from the end of January the Alientrap studio started promoting it online. Apotheon is available on the manufacturer’s website here.

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