Android apps that consume too much: It costs you space, battery and internet

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Android has problems with resource-consuming applications, and if you know which ones are consuming too much, you can turn them off so you don’t waste your storage space, battery, or Internet traffic. The top for 2014 shows you what to look out for in 2015.

If you are a mobile gamer, you should know that the top three biggest consumers are Asphalt 8, Fifa and The Sims. They take up more space than you might be willing to give them at times. After the initial installation, they need additional files. When you have a phone with only 16GB, storage is a serious issue.

The top was made by AVG, when it launched its Cleaner application that can help you solve these problems. Thus, when it comes to the big Internet consumers, the top ones are Netflix, TheCHIVE and Reddit (through reddit is fun). However, we are talking about Romania, so you may be more interested in applications such as 9GAG, The Daily Mail, Tumblr, Facebook and Instagram. However, it was predictable that social networks would consume the Internet more than other applications.

When it comes to power consumption, it’s pretty bad to have a Samsung. Thus, applications such as ChatON, AllShare Cast Dongle and Samsung Smartview are in the top. However, Beep’n’Go comes first. Here are three games: Puzzle & Dragons, Candy Crush Saga and Hay Day. Also from Samsung is Samsung WatchON for tablet and smartphone.

It should be noted that this data was communicated in the summer of 2014, but if you use any of the applications mentioned in this top, it does not hurt to keep them under surveillance. Before installing a game, see how much space you have and how much you can allocate. Also, when it comes to the Internet, it doesn’t hurt to set a limit (in the Settings menu on Android) so that you don’t pay too much for a few likes and favorites on Facebook and Twitter.

In 2014, AVG collected anonymous statistics from one million Android users, but did not take into account the applications pre-installed by Google in the operating system. Manufacturers can’t use Android with access to the Google Play Store without allowing the online giant to install a collection of apps on those devices.

Top resource-intensive apps on Android

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