Video games are a disease

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It’s no joke, it’s really happening in the UK, where a quarter of men usually take sick leave to have more time to finish the video game they just bought.

A survey conducted by Among 2,000 British employees, only 30% of sick days were required due to illness. Most men admitted that they did not have a serious reason to stay at home, and the main factor of corruption was video games.

When asked, “Have you ever taken time off work to play video games?”, 24% of men said “yes.” Women seem a little more conscientious, only 5% admitted to doing so.

In fact, the days with video game launches are crowded with phone calls from employees informing their boss that they are sick. 14% of men say they did this at launches like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.

Here are the top five real reasons why British men take time off work when they say they are sick:

1. For video games – 24%
2. For a meeting – 16%
3. For visits to friends and family – 13%
4. For household chores – 10%
5. For sleep – 7%

Do you admit that you have ever committed such a sin? Or is it better to ask after the “cold” Assassin’s Creed 2?

Last year, sick leave cost British companies more than £ 600 a person, and the UK economy as a whole suffered £ 13.2 billion, according to Bupa, a UK health organization.

Source: Bignews

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